Getting to know my God

If you’ve been a christian for a while you may notice that society today often depicts christians as bible beating, drink the Kool-aid, judgmental bigots. I truly see where people come up with this, I grew up in the church, and have seen this myself. Those things often come from religion.

Religion: a particular system of faith and worship.

Christianity: The religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices.

Religion so often gets in the way of what the christian life should look like. People get so fixated on denominations, rules, and details. All of this gets in the way of what God is actually like and what a relationship with him actually is. God doesn’t want us obeying practices and beliefs, he wants us to follow HIM.

“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.”    2 Thessalonians 3:5

I often get lost in my own belief system, and get off track of what God wants for me. It is so easy to mess up (thankfully I worship a loving and forgiving God.) The truth of the matter is that we like to put things in boxes and just associate with past experience, but we are all unique, and individual beings. We all make mistakes, and we are all flawed, and you can’t blame that on our God. It is all a learning process, and we are all a bunch of works in progress.

“God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.” 1 Corinthians 12:6


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